We offer a variety of solutions
to help you manage your returns.

Sellers on Amazon.ca 🍁:

Whether you are based in Canada or from abroad, returns are a drain. We don’t just forward or resell your stock, we dedicate ourselves full time to recover the maximum amount from your customer returns and unfulfillable inventory.

We provide the following services to local and foreign companies operating in the Canada:

Liquidation isn't a dirty word.

Liquidate -- to convert (inventory or other assets) into cash.


Has a SKU become out-dated, not selling well, or are you just trying to avoid long term storage fees? Amazon doesn't offer a liquidation option, but McBain Recoveries does. Simply create a removal order to our warehouse and we will handle the rest.

Do you sell on Amazon.ca or run an e-commerce site that sells in Canada? Customer returns will cost you a lot of money when you want to get them back to a different country. Don't waste money shipping it back and forth across the border. We can inspect your inventory and re-route it accordingly:

  • Ship it back to Amazon.ca - as low as $0.99 / item
  • Consolidate and ship it back to you - as low as $0.99 / item
  • Sell it through our offline network

McBain Recoveries can provide you with a return address for your Canadian customers for as low as $0.99 / item. Depending on your needs we can:

  • Inspect and send photo reports
  • Consolidate and ship returns to you
  • Re-fulfill products to your customers
  • Sell returns through our local offline and online channels

Sellers on Amazon.com 🦅:

Selling in the US?

Don’t dispose your customer returns. We have an extensive dealer network ready to help you recover your lost profits. Contact Us today and find out how much we can recover for you!

Product not on Amazon.ca yet?

Do you have a high-quality, unique brand that’s doing well on Amazon.com? It’s time to expand into other markets.

We also help US brands break into the Canadian market without having to deal with import taxes, shipping, or returns. We don’t just sell your products on Amazon.ca, we dedicate ourselves full-time to its growth.

We can help!

We can customize our services to meet a wide variety of needs.

No two companies are alike. Each new relationship requires a unique strategy and we strive to always exceed our clients’ expectations by adhering to our core values:

  • Commitment – You receive the same exceptional service whether your our biggest client or our smallest.
  • Transparency – We work hard to gain your trust and harder to maintain it.
  • Reliability – We work day and night. Seven days a week.
  • Passion – We live for a challenge. We solve problems others don’t think can be solved.

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